Imagine a World Where Artists Lead the Performing Arts.

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This week is a special week for Tuxedo Revolt. I spent all summer getting the new website renovated and ready for launch, and I’ve also been writing like a fiend. But all my work so far is leading up to the public and official launch of and this blog (If you’ve been following me all along, I’m grateful. It’s been on the DL thus far).


But as you might have guessed, I’m not just going to announce the new projects without giving my faithful readers a freebie.  On Saturday, I will release my “Declaration of Independent Arts” in a 100% advertisement free .pdf format. This is a project that has been burning in my mind for a while and I’m happy to finally be able to share it with you.


I want you to imagine a world where individual performing artists, musicians, actors and dancers are empowered to make the decisions about where the future of the arts will go. Decisions will not be made in a vacuum, or behind closed office doors. They will not be made solely by bureaucracies and administrators. Imagine a world where creativity is authentic and spontaneous, where ideas are born by the performers in the creative space. Imagine a culture in the performing arts where audience are treated like partners, and are respected as such.


This is what the Tuxedo Revolt hopes to bring to life. We are at the brink of a second Renaissance or Enlightenment, and I see great potential for the performing arts in the future. I refuse to believe that the arts are doomed.


If you feel stifled in your performance, if you are having difficulty finding authenticity in what you do, or if you are out of ideas– just breathe, help is on the way.  What we need now, more than ever in the arts community is fresh perspective and new models that embrace  relevance, communication and expression. The models I will propose, put decision making back in the hand of the magical performers and creatives that make performing arts possible.  Over the course of this year, through both the blog and the Tuxedo Revolt website, we will explore these ideas together.


Don’t give in to the doomsday prophecies that surround the arts today. We can beat it. There is a way to revive your craft, your art both at the personal and global levels. There are effective ways to build audiences that both feel good and natural to the performers, and that your audience welcomes as well.  The quickly changing landscape surrounding the arts reveals just as many opportunities as challenges if we only look to find them.


Times are changing my friends and the Tuxedo Revolt is here to move with the times, to embrace them, and to make progress in the performing arts.  We will not remain static and passive


.  If you feel the need for change and you grow restless with what the current culture expects from us. Then join me and all of us who want to see change. The time for a new era in performance  is here.


Keep your eyes and ears open for the Declaration. I’ll be posting soon on how you can get your free download of the .pdf. All I ask is that you help me to spread the word.


Stay tuned,





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