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Thanks for stopping by the blog and giving thought to the issues I address here. If you have any thoughts or questions, or would like to contact me regarding consulting services, please feel free to start a dialogue with me.  When I started the Tuxedo Revolt Blog, I made the decision that I would reach out to everyone who wanted to speak with me– and I will.

  • Be sure to post comments on this blog! I want to know your perspective on the changing world of the performing arts.


  • Individuals and nonprofit organizations interested in learning more about Tuxedo Revolt’s services can contact John-Morgan Bush at with no obligation.




  1. Oscar

    Hi John, my name is Oscar Gongora a graduate from Manhattan School of Music. I’m the founder and director of the Latin Sax Quartet. I attended the Pre-conference lecture that you guys did at the Chamber Music America Conference in Manhattan. Thank you so much for all of the essential information.
    I have been researching and reading quite a bit about the music business in order to promote my saxophone quartet.
    I’d appreciate some advice about reaching out to venues. Over
    the past few days I have spent hours sending emails to colleges, and libraries, but I have yet to hear from anyone. Do you have a list of venues or advice as to how this should be done.
    Thank you for your time and expertise!

    Oscar Gongora

    • tuxedorevoltblog

      Hi Oscar,

      I would attempt both traditional marketing and e-media marketing that is targeted to your specific audience. Start by asking yourself who you want to attend/book your quartet for performances. Then you zone in on them.

      Thanks for stopping my by site! Much appreciated!

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