Client Testimonials

“Tuxedo Revolt has a good idea of what the future holds for arts organizations, and wants to take you there.” -Kyra Sims (Founder of the Harlem Sound Project, New York, NY)

“John-Morgan presented ideas in a very calm, and inviting manner. Even though I already knew him before the session, I still feel like he gave a comfortable, and professional vibe.  All of the resources he recommended have been wonderful and he gave me confidence to make some real changes in my life.  I felt the whole experience was empowering and encouraged me to move closer to my goals.”  -E.S. ( Composer/Arranger, New York, NY)

“Tuxedo Revolt has been incredibly helpful to me and my project. Within minutes of asking a question and indicating I needed some direction on my project, Tuxedo Revolt provided me with a significant amount of web-links and literature on where to begin.” -B.H. (Hornist, New York, NY)

“John-Morgan’s pacing was very good and managed the session effectively because he was so well prepared. He researched One World Symphony thoroughly and specifically outlined how the organization can grow in a highly competitive contemporary culture. He prepared a clear document as an outline that also included his thoughts. Then in conversation he addressed and elaborated those thoughts. We only wish that we had more time to exchange thoughts and ideas! So, yes, the stream of information was absolutely packaged in an accessible way.” -Sung Jin Hong (Artistic Director and Conductor, One World Symphony, New York, NY)

“It was clear John-Morgan researched One World Symphony’s history, habits, and potential in-depth and created a custom and informative session specifically tailored for our organization. John-Morgan was professional, personable and well-spoken. He was prepared in advance by posing some questions to answer via email so that we could best use our time together and focus on the areas that we most felt needed attention. With our email response he drew up a proposal as a framework for our meeting. In the proposal he shared his observations and recommendations. He remained completely positive throughout the entire meeting – pointing out One World Symphony’s current strengths and then discussing how we might best capitalize on those strengths. -Sung Jin Hong (Artistic Director and Conductor, One World Symphony, New York, NY)

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