About Tuxedo Revolt

My name is John-Morgan Bush and thanks for stopping by my site.  I’m a performing arts consultant, professional musician, educator,  writer, and creative soul who empowers others to challenge conventional wisdom about the way the performing arts fits into our lives.

Tuxedo Revolt is an arts consultancy think-tank that re-imagines how live performances connect with the real people who form our audiences. I believe that live performance can, and must, be interesting and bold; but above all else– it must be relevant. This isn’t your grandpa’s classical music.

I see things differently than others. I see the need for an agile, highly adaptive, and innovative culture in the performing arts. Contemporary society  places demands on the arts that we have never before experienced. These demands are global and incredibly diverse. They also span across a wide range of issues. These demands have deep and long lasting effects on both the individual artist and the performing arts organization.

Tuxedo Revolt was founded to help address those issues. I believe that if we keep our finger on the pulse of today’s culture and society, we can find amazing opportunities to engage our audiences on many levels and get our performances seen and heard by more people than ever before.

Though we must not hesitate to adapt, I believe we can still make the arts socially relevant to everyday life for our patrons. That is what I can help you do.

If you would like to learn more about my professional experience, click here for my Linkedin profile. Individuals and nonprofit organizations interested in learning more about Tuxedo Revolt’s services can contact me,  John-Morgan Bush, at tuxedorevolt@gmail.com  without any obligation.


  1. Mark Samples

    Just found your site and am looking forward to reading more. I’m a musicologist who researches music and branding I also teach musicians how to know their artistic identities and tell their stories. It’s nice to connect with like minds.

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