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Kicking It Into Overdrive

So as I attempt to navigate the stormy seas of time management, I thought I would take a second to write up a few of the techniques I find help me plan for artistic projects both large and small.  So (to be really organized) I’ve come up with this list, in no particular order:

1. Keep a file of all programs, posters, postcards, playbills, and flyers that you find interesting to look at or eye-catching. This will be a great place for you to start designing the media materials for your next project. Be careful never to copy any design directly (not that you would anyway–you’re too original!) because many designs and logos are protected by copyright.   If you are techno savvy and/or short on space, create an electronic file for free on Pinterest  where you can post all kinds of wonderful images that inspire you.

2. Get a notebook and keep it close to you at all times. I know that this is perhaps the most basic rule of organization and you are thinking “Oh great master, teach me more!” but really— it’s true.  Whenever that great idea smacks you in the face, make sure you have a pen and notebook to get it down. You may not need it now, but when you are staring at a blank screen or staring at the wall searching for ideas, you will have your own little treasure chest of them to save the day.

3.  Don’t underestimate how long it will take you to do something. Set your projects way, way, way, way, way, way in advance.  This holds true especially if you are planning projects that involve other artists and performers. Take the time you need to do it right the first time. This will give you more time for the creative stuff when it comes around.

4. Always be thinking about your next project before the close of your current project. This will prevent gaps in your productivity and you also won’t have to face the agony of coming out of a period of blissful laziness and back into the heat of battle to start a new project from scratch.


I hope that this helps you jump start your next project.  Best wishes and good luck!