Webisodes, Guest Posting and Tweets! Oh My!

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You know that scene in Indiana JonesTemple of Doom, where Indiana is trying to outrun the giant boulder threatening to flatten him? Yep, that’s where I am this week.  I’m headed off to go on tour with Ensemble du Monde to the Caribbean tomorrow, but don’t worry– I won’t leave you with out great Tuxedo Revolt content while I am away.  Here is a quick look at the content you won’t want to miss over the course of the next week:

Tuxedo Revolt Webisodes

Yesterday, Tuxedo Revolt launched its first series of YouTube Webisodes. Click here to check out the new Tuxedo Revolt Youtube Channel. The first three webisodes are a 3-part interview with musician advocate and professional coach, Astrid Baumgardner.  You’ve got to check out these short, fun videos. They are fast, free and informative– and they are a great place to start thinking about your career. What are your values, how do you set goals, how do you advance your career? Astrid gives you great tips in the webisodes, so check them out!

Guest Post from fellow blogger Matthew Sullivan 

On Thursday, Feb. 21, my good friend and colleague Matt Sullivan is writing a guest post for the Tuxedo Revolt Blog– you won’t want to miss this. He’s got a great take on the do’s and don’ts of a music career in the 21st Century

Tweet! Tweet!

If you follow Tuxedo Revolt on Facebook and Twitter (which would be great if you’d do right now…) You’ll get all kinds of tweets and posts from me this week. I’ve scheduled some great links and cool quotes to get your creative wheelhouse turning.

Stay tuned!


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