Creativity is for Everyone, Especially Performers

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Yes, I’m going to jump on the band wagon. I believe that creativity is for everyone. I also believe that people have the wrong about what creativity is and who “has” it.  But while I encourage everyone to go on their own personal journey to find the creative sparkthat is inside of them, it is my deepest wish that performers of all types will check to see that their creative fire is burning brightly.

Creativity should be the force that drives all of our work as performing artists. Understandably, too often it is not. As a professional musician, I understand all too well the myriad of demands for time and attention that can often replace creativity as motivator for performance. Sometimes the need to pay bills, the need to get a better gig, and other material needs take precedence.

But when we have the opportunity to sit on a stage to play for an audience, don’t waste the opportunity to translate your creativity through your craft. The possibilities are limitless with what you can do. Creativity and Imagination aren’t just for children. As adults these things help us to be interesting and add depth to our personalities, which of course we portray when we play, act, sing, or dance.

Today I will leave you with this great TED talk about creativity and imagination by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Have a great week everyone!

Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity


  1. checkeredowl

    I completely agree that we all posess creativity, however I do think the “it” factor is huge in delivery. I have seen many artists with creative well written songs but if there is no “it” it becomes very difficult to find an audience.

    • tuxedorevoltblog

      I think that you are right— the “it” factor plays a huge role in delivery. That’s why I always challenge performers to think about connecting with their audience. Who is their audience? Why should they listen, watch, etc.? How is their performance relevant to the audience? Good thoughts, and thanks for stopping by!

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