Anticipation for New Arts


anticipation/apprehension (Photo credit: howard.hall)

Good morning! I’m writing to you on a soggy (but thankfully) Friday morning in the Big Apple. After a bit of writer’s block, the first word that jumped to mind this morning while staring at the blank title field on my wordpress template was “anticipation”.

Dear Mr. Webster defines anticipation as shown below, but what I find exceptionally interesting are the #3 and #5 definitions.




1. The act of anticipating  or the state of being anticipated.
2. Realization in advance; foretaste.
3. Expectation or hope.
4. Previous notion; slight previous impression.
5. Intuition, foreknowledge, or prescience.

#3 Expectation or Hope.
I have a lot of both expectations and hopes for the world of  classical music.  I believe that the arts are for all people to enjoy, and that we have done a pretty good job over the years to make them a luxury of the upper classes.  My expectations for any performing artist include finding ways to make their arts classless and accessible to all.  I have high hopes that artists everywhere, especially those who are new and emerging ones will develop strong and meaningful personal missions to create authentic art and to commit to sharing that art with everyone.
#5. Intuition, Foreknowledge, or Prescience.
I trust my intuition a lot when I am planning my next big project. I also trust my intuition when I am selecting colleagues to work with and what chances I should take when investing my time (like The Tuxedo Revolt Blog for example.) Intuition is a major guiding force for musicians and performers alike.  We develop our sense of it over a long period of time and training.  But then, sometimes we begin to ignore it and we “medicate” our performances or our art to appease something or someone else’s requirement.
Trust yourself and rely on your instincts. Your ability to make art or music is all your own and you have the say in what direction you take with it.
To wrap up for today (a little early because it is Friday after all) I’m anticipating hearing what creative project you have going on.  How are you using your intuition to guide your decisions? What expectations or hopes do you have for your art form? Go on, I want to hear them!
Talk to you soon,

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