Tuxedo Revolt and the World of Performance


Thanks for stopping by the Tuxedo Revolt website and blog.  For those of you who have been following me and the previous models of this site/blog I should start by thanking you for your loyalty. My online home has undergone plenty of revisions since the initial domain name several years ago.  Over the course of the past several years, I experienced a personal and professional metamorphosis that transformed who I am as musician and artist.  It reshaped and enriched my thoughts and convictions about performing.

I left Kentucky to start a life of music in New York City, I finished my Master’s at Manhattan School of Music in 2011. I freelance with various professional orchestras in the New York City Metro area; worked in th

e Director of Education of a professional orchestra in NYC; taught music lessons to underprivileged children in inner city Harlem; and I also work in higher education in the music library of The New School University in Manhattan. All of these things have shaped my perceptions of the performing arts climate worldwide and how we all fit into it.

If you have been following me over the years, you will realize that my online presence has shifted from being centered solely around just one of my life’s passions—playing the horn and classical music—to changing the way that people perceive classical music so that it becomes relevant to their everyday life.  Sounds like a lofty-artsy-fartsy goal right?

To be more specific, I believe that similar to the turn of the last century, the entire world is undergoing massive changes in

politics, economy and culture(s). The performing arts are in no way insulated against them.  How do we as artists adapt? How do we evolve? How do we craft performances to which everyone can relate? How do we connect with our audiences and invite them into our creative process? How do we connect children and young adults to classical music in a way that real and meaningful to them?

Whether you are a performing artist or an arts aficionado, I hope that you will find answers to these questions and draw inspiration from the Tuxedo Revolt. I want to prove that the days of walking onto

a stage in a black and white tuxedo and giving a performance that is both irrelevant and isolated are numbered– no matter how technically perfect the performance is.

Don’t be misled– my message is not negative. In this blog I will explore creative opportunities for performers  and music educators that will help to identify practical resources. By stimulating ima

ginations and examining the culture and identity of performing arts around the world we (the collective of performers worldwide) can respond appropriately and adapt to this changing landscape.

So as you can see, this blog and website has become about us as whole and not so much about me as an individual. Yet, I hope to lead by example—by presenting exciting, original, and innovative performances and I will document my projects on the blog.

I will seek out and profile other performers who are doing highly original work and who are helping breakdown old models in favor of newer innovative ones.  There is wealth of new discovery waiting to be explored in the world of performing arts.

I want your input as well. If you have a creative idea for innovative performance, please reach out to me on the contact page; I may feature your idea on the site.  Thanks again for stopping by—I hope you’ll join in the conversation.


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